How to Make Sure Your Ads Don’t Get Denied on Facebook

Creating an advertisement on Facebook is relatively easy, but making sure your ad does not get denied can be tricky. When one places an order for an ad on Facebook, the ad is reviewed against their policies. Facebook reviews your advertisement’s text, images, targeting, positioning, and the content of your ad’s landing page. If you are unaware of Facebook’s policies you can view them here.

Having an ad disapproved is not the end of the world, but it sometimes can be confusing for those of us who thought they did everything according to policy standards. Here are some key things to keep in mind while you are creating your ad on Facebook:

Facebook’s number one priority is user experience. Facebook tries to balance the use of ads without affecting the quality of a user’s experience. Remembering this when creating your ad will help you get it approved and will help you increase your conversion rate.

Make sure your images do not contain more than 20% text. This is one of the most common reasons an ad gets denied. It is important that you keep in mind that your logo is considered text if it is placed over the picture. It is not considered text if the logo is pictured on the product. In other words, if you did not overlay it on the initial picture, it is not text. If you don’t know how to determine how much text is in your ad image then use Facebook’s Image Text Check.

Do not have an image that portrays non-existent functionality, i.e. a fake button. If you want to direct people to a video from your ad, you just can’t have an image with a play button on it indicating that it would play there without directing you off of Facebook. Having a play button deceives users, and remember user experience is Facebook’s number one priority.

Avoid asserting or implying personal attributes. Facebook knows very well who each user is and will target your ad accordingly, but you can’t say “This product is for men like you”, you have to be indirect and say “new product designed for men”.

There can be no audio or flash animation without a user’s interaction. A flash animation can occur if the user places the cursor on your ad and click it. But no audio or flash animation can occur if he or she is scrolling down their Facebook page.

Check for improper grammar. You can’t substitute numbers or symbols for words; the word “for” can’t be presented as “4“. Did you know that capitalizing every word in your ad is also improper grammar? Facebook will reject your ad if you capitalize every word because it might give you an unfair advantage over competitors. That means you CANNOT write your ad’s text in all caps either like I just did. Facebook does not want users to think you are yelling at them.

Do not get tricky with your landing page. If your ad claims a discount or special offer, then once the ad is clicked on the user should be directed to a landing page with that discount or special offer. Having a user land on a page different than what is claimed could make you completely lose your account, not just an ad denial.

Do not use anything inappropriate or illegal. This is the most basic rule of posting an ad on Facebook – no promotion of tobacco, prescription drugs, weapons, nudity, or other adult content.

Avoid common mistakes when you’re creating your Facebook ads by following these easy tasks. Also keep a close eye on the Facebook ad policies because they tend to change every so often. I am sure that once you have done your research and have applied the rules to your ad creations you will start seeing more of your ads get approved and fewer denial notifications. If you think your ad follows all the rules, but still was disapproved, file an appeal and Facebook will look at it again. If you were disapproved with good reason, your ad may not be editable and you may have to start over, but most of the time you should be able to go in and edit your ad to meet Facebook’s policies.

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By MassLive Media Marketing Staff