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Turning a happy customer into another sale: Evaluation on the path to purchase

Every business should have an in-depth knowledge of how customers interact with products and services and decide to buy on their path to purchase. Unfortunately, the post-purchase stage, evaluation, is often overlooked. But once a customer has purchased your product, the relationship isn’t over. [...]

Healthcare Marketing: How Digital Marketing Connects You to Patients

Digital marketing in the healthcare industry has quickly overtaken traditional channels as more and more patients are researching healthcare options and information before they consult a healthcare specialist. According to Think with Google, 77% of patients use search engines prior to booking appointments, and [...]

Is Digital Marketing Helping Your Business? Here’s How to Tell.

Is digital marketing helping your business? Here’s how to tell. Your business has made the leap into digital marketing. It was a big leap, and a smart one. If you want your business to compete and grow market share, you must have a strong online [...]

New Ways to Maximize Your Company Presence on LinkedIn

You may have noticed some cosmetic changes to LinkedIn’s site recently, but there have also been some significant changes to their features and marketing capabilities. LinkedIn has introduced user capabilities to help advertisers target customers, gain leads, and grow their audience. Let’s take a [...]

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