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7 Email Marketing Stats You Need To Know (With Tips!)

The second week of June was National Email Week.  Email is an especially effective marketing medium, and one you should absolutely be taking advantage of for your business.  Here’s seven impressive email marketing stats to help you celebrate National Email Week, with tips! 1.     About 53% [...]

YouTube Video Advertising: Improve Your Brand Awareness with Bumper Ads

Utilizing video advertising on YouTube is a must for companies looking to create video impressions. YouTube has a global reach of over a billion users, and according to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, those users are watching more than 1 billion hours of content a [...]

Optimize Your Trade Shows with Location-Based Targeting

Many B2B marketers are struggling with finding a balance of the traditional pieces of marketing and the new digital trends that are creeping in. The truth is, digital marketing should be an essential piece of every B2B marketing plan, but it doesn’t have to [...]

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