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How to Explain the Value of Content Marketing to Your Leadership Team

Convincing your leadership team that you need content marketing and that there is significant value in the investment can be difficult. Anything that requires money being spent and budget reworked must have everyone on board. So how should you explain the value of content marketing [...]

5 ways manufacturing companies find new customers with digital marketing

Through working with manufacturing companies, MassLive Media has discovered three main challenges that are causing them to miss out on customers and revenue: Generating website traffic and leads Converting leads into customers Creating relevant, engaging content If your company is like many, you’re just [...]

Data Onboarding: Connecting to Your Customer Insights

In some ways, the growth of big data is leveling the playing field for marketers. Data-driven marketing is allowing small companies to get the same level of insight as their larger competitors. Marketers are beginning to connect the dots that really matter: They’re gaining insights into [...]

Where your college ranks on the list is only half of the story

A big part of the recruitment process is addressing the concerns of today’s potential students and their family members by using higher education branding. Regardless of age and education goals, students are looking for more information to help them make their decision. Potential students [...]

Turning a happy customer into another sale: Evaluation on the path to purchase

Every business should have an in-depth knowledge of how customers interact with products and services and decide to buy on their path to purchase. Unfortunately, the post-purchase stage, evaluation, is often overlooked. But once a customer has purchased your product, the relationship isn’t over. [...]

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