Artificial Intelligence is here, whether we are comfortable with it or not. Furthermore, there are many uses for AI, and marketing is one of them. Now is the time to consider implementing AI in your marketing strategy. Let’s dig into some of the pros and cons.

Pros of Using AI in Marketing

Were you aware that by 2020, it is predicted that 85% of consumer interactions will occur without the need for a human? Don’t get too nervous yet. With AI comes a great deal oArtificial Intelligence robotf benefits for both companies and consumers.

AI really is everywhere. It is more than just Siri and Alexa that you can converse with. Netflix markets shows and movies to users through AI recommendations. Amazon’s AI has recommended items. YouTube shows users recommended videos. Facebook has business page messenger bots. Various demographic data can be collected and programmed with AI to create recommendation personalization and helpful chatbots. This eliminates wasting time by targeting random consumers.

Statistics are continually produced with AI in the spotlight. This technology can run 24/7! Furthermore, 64% of internet users claim that this is the best feature of chatbots specifically. AI can learn and adapt to provide you with benefits you never knew were possible. From suggesting future content that your audiences would react positively to, to analyzing sentiment to see exactly how people feel about your brand, this could become a beneficial feat of your company. Moreover, 72% of business executives believe that digital assistants truly make their lives simpler. Strategize properly and you can lower, or even eliminate, costs as well.

Cons of Using AI in Marketing

Everyone has their own preferences. For some consumers, talking to a chatbot is annoying, frustrating, and impersonal. Conversations can be extremely dry and obviously inhuman. Older generations, specifically, struggle with chatbots. Chatbots, specifically, cannot always communicate as quickly and realistically as a human. Branching off of this, 30% of people are nervous that a chatbot could make a mistake, such as booking an inaccurate reservation, or purchasing the wrong product.

Humans still need to be around, too. In regard to marketing, AI can assist in content creation, but humans have the true imagination, quick-switch ability, cultural context, and creativity to finalize and execute a great campaign.

Ultimately, the Choice is Yours

When comparing pros and cons of AI in the marketing field, it can seem overwhelming initially. Artificial Intelligence has many beneficial capabilities, yet poses some potential drawbacks. Do not rush to incorporate AI just because it is a hot topic. Rather, weigh out your company’s own pros and cons of using this tool in your marketing.

Either way, we welcome you to connect with our MassLive Media team to help implement your initiatives.