We turn to the opinion of other’s for help making a variety of decisions. From what restaurant to go to for dinner to what brand of car you should by, the opinions of others often offer an unbiased judgement about a company or product. A testimonial is a company’s way of showcasing these opinions.

Testimonials are a powerful and trusted form of marketing that is relatively easy to implement. Yet, many websites lack a designated testimonial page. Here are the top three ways that client testimonials will help your business, and how make them part of your marketing strategy.

Improving Your SEO

Search engines promote websites that are frequently updated, but sometimes it can feel like you just dont have any other content to put up on your page. Create a testimonial page that is updated semi-regularly will only ad more content to your site. Any traffic that you can bring to your website to see those testimonials will only benefit your Search Engine Optimization.

A Genuine Voice

Not only are testimonials a form of content that will add to the breadth of our website, but they give potential customers a clear look into how you have helped your clients. Businesses develop brands with unique characteristics and voice, but client testimonials will sell your brand in layman’s terms. This gives backing the work that your other marketing strategies are doing.

When asking for a testimonial, make sure that you are getting specific information and situations that tell a cause-and-effect story, dispel any potential objectives one might have about your services, and show you as trustworthy and authentic.

Building Trust with Your Current Client

Not only do testimonials aid in building trust in potential clients, but they help build the loyalty in your current clients. The action of vocalizing the great things you have done for your client will bring it to the forefront of their mind, and your using it on your website will make them feel valued. Making both your current and potential clients happy; sounds like a win-win!

It’s Not Hard to Implement

You might not have to start from scratch to get a testimonial. Clients have been talking to you all along; there might be a testimonial sitting in your inbox that you simply need to get permission to use.

When you do have to ask a client for a testimonial, make it as easy as possible for them to say yes. Be sure to provide examples and guidelines so that they are clear about what you are asking for.

For those that might be willing, ask for a longer testimonial, or even a video testimonial. But for those that you are worried might say no because of the work, simply ask for a two sentence blurb. Most importantly, don’t make testimonials a one time project. Try getting new ones on a continual basis.

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