//Why You Need to Start Blogging Right Now

Why You Need to Start Blogging Right Now

To begin talking about blogs, it is important to know what exactly they are. As a matter of fact, you are probably already aware that you are reading one right now. However, by definition, blogs are a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style. The conversational aspect in blogging gives websites a more humane identity.

Forbes goes even further to compare blogging to fishing. With more hooks in the water, your odds of catching a fish increase significantly. As you add more SEO-smart blog content on your website, more pages from your website appear on the first page of search results. Not only does this increase organic search visibility, but also overall website traffic and the chance that people will explore your page even further. You also begin to establish a thought-leader reputation.

What You Need to Know About the Benefits of Blogging

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Stemming from the idea of boosting your website reputation and credibility, we recommend that you always double-check your facts for accuracy, and for engaging content. When done properly, your blog may become the place where other blogs gather their content from. Businesses that blog actually receive 97% more inbound links to their website. Furthermore, spending time to create better content can drive traffic up by 2000%. This is a great means of free advertising for your website!

Additionally, recent blogging statistics are extremely encouraging. When marketers prioritize blogging, they become 13x more likely to enjoy a positive ROI. Who doesn’t love the opportunity to increase profits? Perhaps the best aspect of this is that blogging only costs you some of your time! Did you know that a business that blogs experiences 126% higher leader growth compared to businesses who do not blog? You better get to it!

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