Brand loyalty in the new COVID-19 era can be something that is difficult for businesses to capture. How can your business keep your customers loyal when you’re not open, or with so many other options out there? The goal is always to remain connected to your customers, because when you’re connected, the consumers feel your brand values them at a level beyond just a normal, ground level connection. Here are a few ways that your business can ensure that your customers stay loyal to you, even through the pandemic.

Communicate through Social Media

Have you sat around the house and sometimes wondered “When is my hair salon going to be opening up?” or “When will I be able to go sit down at my favorite restaurant?” These are important questions that your consumers will no doubt be asking. That is why communication with your consumers is important. Telling your consumers when you will be open, operational details, even just staying connected can make consumers feel like they are valued by your business. This ensures that consumers will connect on a level deeper than a general connection, and will want to be coming back to you.

Promote Brand Initiatives

Is your business helping in the fight against COVID-19? Has your business made donations to various charitable movements? Do your employees volunteer for charities? These are all things that should be promoted by your brand. It’s important for your consumers to see that your business is doing these things, as they will feel a deeper connection to you and your brand. When consumers see that your business values the same things that you do, they will feel a sense of pride in being a consumer of your business. This will help them stay connected to your company.

Use virtual offerings

Virtual offerings are a really intelligent way of keeping consumers involved even while business may still be closed or partially closed due to the global pandemic. For example, restaurants offering virtual menus and ordering systems and delivery systems. Hair salons and other customer oriented businesses can offer virtual consultation services, and there are so many other things that can be done to make sure that your customers are connected to you.

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