What’s most important?

Site Traffic, Site Conversions, or Sales Dollars? Trick question. Separate but equal, each of these outcomes is inter-dependent.

Starting with picnic tables, the search volume is significant. At first glance at the search results
alone, it appears this is a product collection in need of supportive advertising and additional
attention. But if you look a little closer, the actual site conversions for this product are low, along with
the percentage of total sales generated by picnic tables. This isn’t where we should be investing our
client’s marketing dollars.

In contrast, the fencing products generated a similar amount of search volume, but accounted for a
much larger share of actual conversions, site sessions (research!) and sales. In fact, for a similar search
volume, the sales are more than 60% higher than that of picnic tables. This indicates that the return
on the paid search investment is more than 13 times that of picnic tables. Knowing this, should we
consider whether a change in the spend will increase the return percentage? Could we spend less
and see similar results?

In lawn and garden, our spend hasn’t generated the sales we’d hope to see. This might indicate that
an optimization in our keywords is necessary, that our geographies should be reviewed, or that our
content should be analyzed for SEO value.

What does your analysis tell you about your own business?