Last week, we discussed what exactly content marketing is and how your business can use it to enhance your marketing strategy. (check it out here) But even with that, you may still have questions. This blog will go over some FAQs about content marketing, and hopefully shed a little more light into how content marketing works and if it’s right for you!


So, how long does it take to build an effective content marketing strategy? 

A minimum of 6-12 months, depending on how much time and investment a company is willing to make with strategy.

How much content does a company need to create to reach critical mass?

While there are no official benchmarks, its said that 40-50 pieces of content (with unique URLs) is a reasonable goal. Many successful B2B sites get fewer than 100 visitors per day, but if those visits are meaningful, it could be worth the leads generated.

What kind of company would want to publish white papers?

Any B2B company selling anything relatively new, complex or expensive could likely benefit from a white paper. This includes companies in sectors like:

  • Information technology
  • Healthcare
  • Consulting
  • Manufacturing
  • and many more!

What types of content marketing are there?

There are many different kinds of content marketing strategies out there for your business to utilize. These can be things like:

  • White papers
  • Blog Posts
  • Case Studies
  • Videos/Podcasts
  • Infographics
  • and so many more

The important thing to know is that you should use what is best for your company and your marketing strategy. If you know what is effective for your company, then that’s the strategy that works for you.

How often should a company publish new content on their website or blog?

Publishing content consistently lends credibility to a company’s blog and brand. It also helps solidify a company’s position as a thought leader within its industry or field. Marketers should determine a publishing strategy that works best within the framework of their overall marketing strategy, but also lends itself to consistency. To be truly effective, companies should publish new content at least 4-6 times per month.

Is a blog worth producing if no one comments?

Absolutely! Not only does a blog help a company build authority and brand awareness in your industry, it also acts as the nerve center of social media activities. Blog postings should be highlighted on all social media outlets. This leads to social sharing and helps with SEO.

What kind of content works best for blogs?

Readers are attracted to your content due to its value, relevance, and timeliness. We all love a good story. Companies should share their customers’ successes, stories, and challenges. Also, highlight company wins that define your unique brand identity. Ultimately, though, content marketing is case-specific, and what fits your brand and audience is what your consumers want to read.

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