There are two types of content marketing: native and branded. Native content is advertising the matches the interface of the platform where it appears. Types of native advertising would include sponsor articles, in-stream content, and social media advertising. Branded content is advertising created and distributed with the intention to build brand awareness and share information. Forms of branded content would include blog posts, white papers, video and email.

Content marketing has a purpose, we all know that- but did you know that certain forms of it aid different stages of a consumer’s path to purchase? Here is a breakdown of that path, and what marketing solutions you should use for each.


At this stage of the consumer path, advertisers will want to educate and entertain their audiences. Provide insights and up-to-date information with sponsored content, social media advertising, and video in order to build brand awareness.


When it is time to be more persuasive and push consumers to interact more with your brand, use marketing solutions like sponsored content, white papers blogs, email, social media advertising, and video. These solutions are more persuasive and product/services oriented with the goal of generating more leads.


Once the consumer is engaged, it is time to convert them into a customer. At this stage, solutions will need to differentiate you from your competitors while providing the right product information. Solutions used at this stage should be sponsor content, white papers, blogs, email, social media, and video


After the initial purchase stage, take this time to generate a relationship with the consumer that will lead to repeat purchasing. This can be through post-purchase product support or simply additional valuable information. Use content marketing such as blog posts, email, social media and video to help position your brand as a thought-leader in the market.

Creating a marketing strategy means knowing your consumers, and having a touch point for them at every stage of their path to purchase. Contact our digital experts today, and get help planning your content marketing strategy.