Mid-funnel marketing tactics are ones that generate qualified leads and information for your business to then create low-funnel tactics and actions with. But these strategies can often be expensive and time consuming to deploy, much more so than top-funnel awareness tactics. There are some marketing efforts, however, that garner engagement easily. So how are marketers supposed to grow their brand awareness while also growing their consumer database?

The answer? Give your audience free and exciting things in the format of contests.

The Key to Doing Contests Right

Contests are an effective form of marketing that, if done right, will grow your customer base and bank of quality lead data. The key to a successful contest is to offer a prize that people are excited about, and therefore willing to provide their contact information for. The more interesting the prize, the more interested the consumer. Remember; interesting doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should be relevant. You want your contest to create a lasting impression of your brand-even when the contest is done-so that when you do follow up with low-funnel marketing efforts, the sell is easier.

How to Get the Word Out

Aside from the usual marketing promotional tactics like display advertising, to gain reach and get people to participate in your contest you will want to make sure the entry format is something that will naturally gain more reach. Photo and video submissions are one of the most popular forms on contest submissions because they are natural content generators. Just make sure to prompt users to share the contests on social media can increase the amount of exposure and entries.

Keep it Simple

When running a contest, make it simple to enter. The harder your entry requirements or the more information you require, the larger your prize will have to be or you will lose entrants. Just ask for the information that you really need, like names, zip codes and email.

MassLive Media can create and run a variety of contest types and promote them to our highly engaged audience on our premium publisher website, MassLive.com. Want to run a contest and gain lead generating data and interest for your brand? Contact one of our digital experts today.