The Digital Terms You Need to Know

Understanding all the terms related to digital marketing and advertising can be tricky, but it is important to speak the language in the digital age. There are a lot, however, and it can be overwhelming to have to research each and every word you come across. Whether you are a online native looking to brush up on technical terms or a newbie looking to jump into the digital age, learning the jargon doesn’t have to be hard. Here are some of the top digital terms, broken down into categories:

Webpage Terms 

  • Above The Fold: Above the fold generally refers to ad placement on a web page that is viewed without scrolling either horizontally or vertically
  • Run-of-Site (ROS): A display ad placed across the entire site
  • Run-of-Channel (ROC): A display ad placed across a specific channel of a site (e.g. Sports, Entertainment, etc.)
  • Owned and Operated: Refers to a website owned and operated by the network with which it is associated 

Digital Advertising Terms

  • Ad Impression: Single instance of an online advertisement being displayed on a web page
  • Audience Targeting: The art and science of using observed, declared and predictive consumer data to create targetable audience segments across networks, platforms and devices
  • View Through: An action, other than a click, taken after viewing an online ad
  • Rich Media: Ads containing interactive elements, like corner peels, videos, and sliding billboards
  • Re-messaging: Targeting ad impressions to users based on their recent online activity (sites visited, ads viewed, etc.)

Metrics Terms

  • KPI: Key Performance Indicators, also known as Key Success Indicators (KSI), help an organization define and measure progress toward goals
  • Conversion: A user who completes a desired action as agreed upon by the advertiser. Examples include page views, purchases, directions, test drives, requesting more information, “contact us” views, etc.
  • Reach: The number of different persons or homes exposed to an ad at least once
  • Impression: A measurement of the number of times an ad has been served or displayed
  • Lift: Defined as the percentage increase in the primary marketing objective of a brand advertising campaign
  • Click Through: Process of clicking on an online ad to another destination on the web

Now that you know the terms, it is time to use the digital resources they speak to . Contact the digital experts at MassLive Media today to learn more about how to integrate digital tactics for your marketing and advertising needs.