Not willing to make the switch from TV advertising to digital video advertising?

Think about how you watch television for a moment. Most consumers stream, download or DVR the TV content they want to watch. This means that dollars spend on TV advertising are not reaching consumers at the right time or place.

Or worse, they are not reaching them at all.

Here are the top things you need to know about the declining value of TV advertising, and how digital video will get your marketing in front of a targeted and trackable digital audience.


Are you still making TV a large part of your marketing strategy? Don’t waste your advertising dollars. Audience’s no longer consume TV programming in the same way; making TV an outdated form of advertising.

Digital video offers you a variety of solutions that reach consumers at all points of their path to purchase, with specific targeting that meets your needs, not a TV provider’s.

Contact one of our digital media experts day, and see how digital video can elevate your advertising strategy.