You have two options:

Expand Your Market, Or Just Have a Share

Automotive marketing isn’t easy in an industry where competition is fierce. With each unit sold, you are fighting for market share. You are no longer fighting solely your neighboring dealerships, but rather fighting for consumer’s attention toward your brands. Equipped with the best tools in the marketing industry such as exclusive business intelligence platforms and topnotch data segmentation, we know how to navigate the environment.

In an Up-Market

our clients outperform the average by as much as 25%.

In Down-Markets

Our clients are 48% less affected than their competition.


We understand your business better than other partners.

Best-In-Class Data, Real Results

Our data insights are industry leading, and ready for you to use for your automotive marketing. We refine data by brand, model, and geography, to give you a deeper marketing insights than Polk. Together we can determine which share to grab, and where to grow your market. The more information you have, the greater decisions you can make. We have your back.

We have the data on what our readers drive.

Our data can tell you what the age of their car is, when they purchased it, and more to let you get in their heads. We know our readers, and now you can as well.

11 Million People are Shopping on their Smartphone while On A Dealer Lot

11 Million. That’s a huge number. Are you positioning yourself to be the answer to the questions posed in those searches? Are you generating awareness, interest, and conversions through your website, and using your CRM data intelligently?

Our Expertise

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Influencing Automotive Purchase Decisions

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