In the ever-evolving digital space, businesses must adapt to changing policies by the platforms we rely on. When Facebook announces new changes, marketers must sit up and take notice.

Facebook’s Big Changes

On August 23 the social media giant announced that it no longer allows companies to use advanced targeting methods and custom audience/list creation to target users under the age of 18. Facebook advertising can still be served to users under 18 based on broad targeting like location and gender, but they can’t be bucketed into finer targets based on interests or activity.

These changes also extend to Facebook’s messenger service, as well as Instagram. This follows a similar change from Google earlier this year. This is a growing trend coupling with a wider crackdown on the way businesses targets minors with advertisements across the entire digital space.

What Can You Do?


One way to reach the 13-18 demographic is through specific sponsorships. Sponsorships are opportunities for your business to support great causes or events financially. In exchange, the business places it’s name and brand in front of a specified audience. The High School Sports coverage and Athlete of the Week sponsorship packages offered by MassLive, for example, are a great tool to be able to get your brand and advertisements in front of a teen demographic that is highly engaged with the content.

Using a combination of specific, interest based articles, events, or information with a large following of people in the targeted demographic makes sponsorships an effective way of maneuvering around the new Facebook targeting limitations.


Another great way to target this demographic is through video ads on platforms like YouTube. Video ads placed in videos your target audience will likely see is great for demographic targeting.  This is especially great for higher education institutions to build brand awareness in the early consideration stage.

Influencer Marketing

One more way that you can hit this age group is through influencer marketing. Getting your brand into the hands of an influencer with a large social following in your demographic is extremely effective. Influencer campaigns do not require millions of dollars and A-list celebrities. Well-resourced marketing agencies like MassLive Media frequently have access and ideas on how to execute influencer campaigns on smaller scales.

To learn more about Facebook’s new advertising policies and to get information on how these changes can affect you and your business, or to schedule a call with us to see how we can help you, please contact MassLive Media or visit