It’s no secret that the use of video has been on the rise in recent years. Digital video has interrupted traditional media, especially television. As TV viewing has decreased, streaming video content online has increased as 6 out of 10 people in the U.S. now prefer online video platforms to live TV. Marketers should leverage this ongoing trend to capture their audience in the visual messages they convey. Whether your company is on the Fortune 500 list, locally-owned or somewhere in between, the use of digital video is now a crucial component in successful marketing campaigns. Here are some ways you can boost your video marketing strategy:

1. Create and maintain a YouTube Channel

Having a YouTube channel is a great way to visually present relevant information. However, once a channel is started it needs to be constantly maintained to be successful. This goes beyond simply uploading a video once a week and hoping people watch it. Over 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, so it is critical that the channel is managed and promoted efficiently to break through all the clutter. To start, use clever video titles and make your branding consistent with your other social platforms.

2. Show the right video to the right people

For your videos to get the maximum amount of views, get it in front of the people who would be the most interested in what you’re saying. How do we do this? Three words: search engine optimization (SEO). Optimize the video so someone searching for insight on the topic can find it. Do this with lengthy descriptions under the video and by using keywords in the title and description. This way, your video will show up in a Google search. It’s also important to have a clear call to action so the audience knows what their next step should be. A good example for a call to action in a YouTube video would be to like the video and/or subscribe to the channel.

3. Share, share, share

Digital video predominantly gains exposure via social media shares. Feature your videos on the company’s social media channels as well as the company website and blog. This will garner additional viewership and increase the amount of people who are exposed to your company brand. It might also be a good idea to share videos on your personal social media platforms such as LinkedIn so those who don’t follow your company have the potential to view and share them as well.

Digital video is here to stay, and the earlier your company becomes accustomed to it, the sooner it can start reaping the benefits. Incorporating digital video into your marketing strategy could catapult your business into the thriving digital landscape while increasing its brand exposure frequency.

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