The concept of influencer marketing is not as new as it appears. Prior to social media, many companies hired celebrities of great influence to speak highly of their brand. However, the digital age and social media alike have allowed influencer marketing to flourish. Furthermore, over the last three years, Google searches for “influencer marketing” have grown by 1,500%.

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In today’s marketing, an influencer has become someone who has a great social profile and a high quantity of followers. They continually engage and develop positive relationships with their audience. Focusing in on social media, influencers have a picture-perfect reputation with an appealing online personality. The type of influencer you acquire needs to align with your goals and your budget.

Why Instagram and Influencer Marketing Are a Perfect Pair

Intriguingly, influencer marketing is predicted to become a $10 billion industry by the year 2020. The opportunities are truly abundant. Brand exposure can be quite significant, as the platform boasts a plentiful number of users that view content. For example, Instagram has 1 billion users every month. Going even deeper into the data, 93% of influencer marketing campaigns use Instagram. This is a great platform to begin your influencer initiatives with.

Why You Should Consider Hiring an Influencer

Consumers nowoman standing near wing graffittiw spend more time than ever on their phones. Teenagers and young adults are spending about 60 days per year on their smartphone; adults are spending roughly 50 days per year. Having a person of influence speak highly of your brand could be your way to boost ROI and overall profit. For every $1 spent on influencer marketing, companies averaged $5.20 in earned media value.


Be wary however, some “influencers” have actually purchased their seemingly large following. This candidate would not boost your ROI, as the engagements are not authentic. You can use to cover your bases and ensure your candidate is legitimate. You can also opt to go with an agency to save yourself from researching inaccurately. This being said, don’t let potential downfalls scare you, this tactic can become very profitable. Word of mouth is a powerful tool when coming from the right mouth and going to the right ears/eyes.

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