Do you notice all of the commercials on the radio that either contain or are entirely comprised of a song? Or even the musical ads on YouTube that play prior to the video you wanted to watch? I’m sure you do—and I bet you can sing along to the catchy lyrics. How about the Tide stain song, Charmin’s toilet paper song, Febreze’s rap, or any of the jingles at the end of a commercial such as one from a car dealership? Be it an original song or a commercial using a previously published song, musical advertisements are everywhere. However, this feat is not new. Business’ have always used music to gain brand recognition while pushing a product on those listening—and it works.

Music is Everywhere

Music plays a large role in the everyday life of many people. Its offers aural pleasure, a distraction, and a way to evoke emotions. Furthermore, we all have certain songs that bring us back to a specific place and time in our lives. In fact, studies have shown that the same parts of our brain process music, emotion, and memory. Due to this, songs tend to be sticky. Going farther than just everyday listening, this finding applies throughout songs in movies, on the radio, and TV ads as well. Advertisers can create song to evoke a precise emotion in consumers through thoughtful chords and catchy lyrics.   Image result for music notes

Not only does a musical commercial have and edge with its ability to reach consumers emotions, it also can tell a story and spark inspiration. Musical ads can promote a message and encourage listeners to take action by seamlessly tying music and lyrics to the product/service and overall message. Pairing specific lyrics with music can also give your brand personality. When consumers are presented with sticky inspirational, comical, or uplifting music that discusses your brand, it can cause them to inadvertently talk about your brand.

Why You Need to Use Music in Your Next Ad

Overall, you are creating advertisements to push sales for your product or service. Music can help you align better with your target audience. Younger generations typically have different musical tastes from older generations—and the subcategories within generations have their own preferences. Pinpointing the genre of music that best suits your segment can help you become more personal with them and grab their attention. The music you chose sets a tone about your brand and sells the experience of what it is like to be a part of that product or service. It is crucial to align your music with the message you want consumers to perceive. The stickiness of music keeps that perception of your brand in their mind.

As you may have experienced, musical ads are extremely catchy and irrefutably recognizable. This forces the brand into your mind whether you like it or not—which means it is working effectively. The magic of music ads can be harnessed to ensure that your brand is familiar and spoken about with other consumers.

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