Deregulation in the energy industry has given way to a rise in renewable energy and more consumer choices. More options in the market mean that the purchase power of energy buyers has increased. They have shown that sustainability and cost-effectiveness are now prominent market drivers. The consumer needs that renewable energy has uncovered have practices are becoming a standard for the energy sector. Let’s take a further look at solar energy trends, changes in consumer behaviors, and what this means for energy providers.

Solar Trends in the Energy Industry

The solar energy sector is growing, big time. More and more consumers are switching to solar. A survey done by Business Insider shows that of respondents, 73% plan to do so within the next three years. The decreasing energy cost of renewable resources are giving consumers energy choices that they haven’t had access to before, and this is changing the way energy needs to be marketed.

How Solar Is Changing Consumers

There are two main reasons why consumers are switching to solar energy: savings and choices. Customers who are primarily cost-conscious are likely to want a simple, cost effective solution to their energy needs. These customers are going to look for a supplier with a strong brand name and easy, affordable energy solutions. The customer who wants choice in their decision process is going to be unhappy with standard energy solutions. Because of this, they are more likely to look for solutions that are tailored to their needs. These customers want to work with someone to tailor their plan, and expect that person to be an industry expert. What’s more is that an increasing amount of energy customers are looking for someone that can meet their personal needs, which shifts the industry’s focus from regulations to customer satisfaction.

How This Changes Customer Relationships

Disrupted by new information, increasing environmental consciousness, and consumer power, the new energy marketplace will continue to be more competitive, so new business models will be necessary. As customers gain more buying power, it is on the energy provider to create a relationship with their customer base. This means putting more emphasis on helping customers figure out what the best energy solution is for them and create stratified marketing solutions for these two emerging customer demographics. Now that you know about the changes in consumer needs in the energy market, let us help you address the new needs of your consumers.