The world of marketing is changing. Because of this, it is a necessity to personalize for each segment. Data is everywhere and personalization is easier than ever!  This increases revenue and creates happier customers. Think of Coca-Cola’s “Share A Coke” campaign. As a result of including first names on the plastic soda bottles, sales increased.

How Does Personalization Affect My Potential Consumers?

Consumers see ads in every corner of the internet. Making a personalized, targeted ad becomes your company’s way to stand out. Make your consumers feel recognized and catered to. Email and social media work greatly for this. In 2019, 72% of consumers only engage with messages that are customized to their interests.

Connecting to the Consumer’s Mindset

How many times have you hit the “unsubscribe” button lately? Have you ignored adverwoman in white shirt using smartphonetisements on your social feeds? Consumers see more ads than ever before. Along with this increase, one word comes to mind. Remessaging. Essentially, it is the idea of messaging consumers repeatedly with content that they care about. Picture this simple example. A consumer has been looking into mattresses. Advertisements for those mattresses begin to appear on websites, emails, and social media they visit. This encourages the consumer to take action and assures them the brand is legit. It keeps the product on their mind. Furthermore, remessaging ads average a 1046% increase in branded search.

To Personalize is to Strategize

The top five benefits of personalization are 55% increase in visitor’s engagement, 55% elevated customer experience, 51% increase with conversion rates, 46% increase in lead generation and obtaining customers, and 39% increased brand perception. Because of stats like this, it is no surprise many companies have taken the initiative to get personal. Picture Netflix and Amazon. These platforms provide “Recommended for You” options, because it keeps consumers happy and interested. Alternatively, companies can send birthday emails. Personalize to create a deeper, more meaningful bond with your brand.


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