Necessity Breeds Opportunity 

In the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, the business community was forced to react to an evolving and uncertain future.  While questions remain in how communities will move forward, business owners have a unique opportunity to reflect on how business is changing, and chart a new course for the long road ahead.  Here are some things to consider when taking stock in your business.


Can a federally legal cannabis industry help rescue the economy as we enter into what might be one of the worst recessions since the Great Depression? Some analysts believe it will be similar to the way the end of alcohol prohibition boosted the country’s economy at the end of the Great Depression.​

Advance 360 Cannabis Insider Live Online presented by Duane Morris LLP and hosted by NJ Cannabis Insider editor Justin Zaremba, is a highly focused, information-driven talk designed to engage audiences about the most pressing concerns and challenges communities face as the state and federal government navigate the Covid-19 crisis.

Consumer Behavior Related to the Coronavirus: Where Will They Spend Time and Money?

To better understand the true impact of coronavirus on our local economies, Advance Media New York, MassLive Media Group and PA Media Group partnered with Drive Research to dive into consumer behavior related to COVID-19.

The goal of the study was to gain a true, real time understanding of how COVID-19 was impacting the local business communities in NY, MA and PA.  With this study we dug in deep to see how people are feeling, where they were spending, how they were spending their time and what their vision is for a post quarantine world.

“I had one of our regular customers call in today and was so happy to hear we were opened.  He ordered on a regular basis but for some reason thought we were closed during this pandemic. Because of MassLive we were reunited.  I know it sounds corny but it’s true, and he will be ordering from us once again.” – Cookie’s Cafe

The Four Things You Can Do to Reengage Your Customer Right Now 

There are things we plan for in business, and then there are things that no one can predict. The impact of the Coronavirus is likely an unprecedented experience for many people and businesses right now. People are working from home, public spaces are closed, and if homes aren’t going into quarantine, they are at the least hopefully social distancing.

This all leaves a large amount of uncertainty for businesses who don’t know how to reach their customers anymore. Here are our top four tips for reengaging with your customers amongst the uncertainty of the Coronavirus.

How to Still Reach Customers During the Coronavirus 

The effects and repercussions of the Coronavirus and the resulting quarantines and social distancing are being felt throughout the country. As we all adjust to a new reality for the foreseeable future, life and business must go on as best they can.

Marketers and business owners are now scrambling to answer questions like “what do we do now?” “what do we market?” and “how do we keep doing business?”.

This time presents a challenge and an opportunity to review your business in the context of the direct impact the new social rules are causing and the brand positioning you want to have once the crisis passes.

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