Not all ad spaces are created equal. Premium publishers- websites with an optimized web design, engaging content, and a significant and loyal audience- provide better results for the ads served on it than other sites. Different sites provide different levels of quality, so where your ads show up is almost as important to your campaign’s success as how they look. So, when advertisers search for the right place to run ads, premium publishers should be top of the list. Here are the top ways that your ad campaigns benefit from running on a premium publisher’s site.

The Halo Effect of Premium Publishers

The Halo Effect is the lift in trust and engagement a brand receives from advertising on a premium publisher’s site. This happens when readers see ads on a site they already have a high level of trust and engagement with; then those feelings transfer onto the ad being seen. According to ComScore, premium publishers are 3 times more effective in driving brand lift metrics such as favorability, consideration, and intent to recommend. This is in part also due to the higher viewability and lower invalid traffic rates on premium publisher sites. Ultimately, the Halo Effect can be the final push and audience needs to take action regarding your ad.

Locally Built Audiences

Here is a secret. Believe it or not, there is a something better than a premium publisher: a local premium publisher. With all the qualifications of traditional premium publishers, these sites have a readership built from a local audience. Local publishers thus have specified knowledge about the local communities they serve.

These readers actively seek out their local premium publisher’s content and have a more trusting consumer relationship. Ads served on local premium publishers’ websites will benefit from that more trusting audience relationship by the increased influence of the Halo Effect. This will help increase metrics such as click-through rates and conversions.

The Value of an O&O Campaign

Another benefit of using a premium publisher is that you can run an O&O campaign. This is where your ads are only serving impressions on the premium publisher’s site. Remember that these publishers have established standards that have generated trust from their readerships. This means that premium publishers don’t want ads that disrupt that audience’s experience. This is great for advertisers because these sites will create the best digital solutions that benefits both the publisher, advertiser, and viewer.

With a combination of the best ad spaces and the Halo Effect that publisher’s brand will have on your brand, running an O&O campaign with a local premium partner will get your ads in front the audience that is most likely to engage with them.

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