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If you find yourself trying to answer market research questions and struggling to find results, you are not alone. Finding valid market research can be difficult. But it doesn’t have to be. MassLive Media is here to help take your business to the next level and provide you with the research you need. With consumer surveys and detailed qualitative research, your business can gain specific information about your market. This fuels the ability to make informed decisions and truly understand consumers.

Qualitative Research

The research will:

  • Study selected issues in depth and detail without being constrained by pre-determined categories of analysis
  • Collect and analyze a large amount of detailed information that results in rich understanding of topics/issues
  • Conduct follow up questions to seek deeper understating and evaluate all underlying factors

How businesses will benefit:

  • Receive direct consumer feedback and answers to questions important to your business:
  • Why do you shop at store X vs. store Y?
  • How do you use product X?
  • How do you feel about candidate B?
  • Test ideas, new concepts, products, re-branding and more before launching or uncover new opportunities, niche markets

Consumer Survey

The survey will:

  • Ask questions around the areas/topics organization wants to gain consumer feedback
  • Our data team will run statistical analysis and deliver insights on customer feedback that is used to improve marketing messages and support business decisions, positioning and, in some cases, product offering set

How businesses will benefit:

  • Understand what’s truly important to customers/prospects and uncover business gaps and opportunities to improve product efficiency, marketing campaigns, and consumer satisfaction
  • Improve consumer engagement by learning their needs and how to meet them
  • Seize on opportunities to grow market share from a competitor, find new audience(s), understand the business gap, and potential product inefficiency or what is not important to consumers

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