Target Mobile Devices

Finding your target audience is one thing, but actively reaching them is another. Mobile targeting allows you to place your message directly in front of your audience when they are on their phones and consuming content. Imagine what being directly in front of your audience can do for your business.

On-the-Go is the Way to Go!

MassLive Media can implement mobile device targeting as a part of your comprehensive digital strategy to show the on-the-go consumer your product or service. They can engage with your marketing anywhere at any time—right from their phone or tablet. We can even use geofencing to only show your advertising to those in a location that makes sense for your business. Target those who are most likely to engage with your messages and become customers.  Additionally, our digital experts can help you with:

Real-time targeting based on location:

  • Deliver messaging in real-time to consumers within a specific location relevant to your business.

Geo-retargeting based on location profile:

  • Capture device ID’s and message users based on their past location, no matter where they happen to be next. 


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