Video is Extremely Popular:

Give People What They Want

Video is no longer something you only see on the television screen. Rather, it is consumed across a wide range of devices and is a powerful way to engage customers and stimulate social sharing.

With time spent watching videos continually growing, people are also getting more receptive to ads shown in digital video. Videos show more than just a picture, they offer a medium to tell your story. Our team of experts can help you create and distribute your very own engaging and dynamic video marketing content.


watch online videos every day


By 2020, 80%

of consumer internet traffic will be video content


59% of executives

say they’d rather have video than read text

(Digital Information World)

MassLive Media Gives You the Most

MassLive Media can serve your video marketing campaign to the right people through our advanced audience targeting capabilities. We can deliver these videos through options such as:

  • Streaming Video
  • Pre-Roll
  • Post-Roll
  • Embedded Video
  • Video Impressions
  • Share of Voice
  • Downloads

Furthermore, we can feature your videos in banners and before or after editorial content, like sports, breaking news and featured stories. If you want to reach an even larger audience, we can show your ad on 1,500 brand sites in our extended reach video network.


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