There are a lot of factors that go into deciding what marketing agency to invest in, and even more blog posts out there suggesting 50 or more questions that you should ask. But who has time to go through that many questions?

We talk to prospective and current clients every day, so we know what business owners want to know about a marketing agency. What’s more, we know what information we want you to know and questions we want you to ask so that you are clear about what you want from your marketing efforts.

We want to help you make the right decision, so we’ve paired down all of the long lists to the core areas you need to know about. Let’s count down the top five questions you need to ask when searching for a marketing partner.

5. How often can you meet, and how will information be communicated to me?

You want your agency’s communication tactics to match what you want. Do you want weekly reporting calls? Daily touch-points? One comprehensive reporting presentation sent to you monthly that you can sort through by yourself before you talk to someone about it? Make sure you ask what their processes are, and how much they are willing to format their communication style to what you need.

4. How will you develop a marketing strategy for us?

There are some marketing agencies that will have set strategies that they present to you. These are not the agencies that you want to choose. Not only does every business need a customized marketing approach, each month looks different for every business. Marketing should constantly be reevaluated, tracked and optimized to get the best results. Choose a marketing agency that will look at your business’ market presence and ask questions about your limitations and goals before giving you any suggestions.

3. What forms of marketing solutions do you offer?

It is important to know what you want out of an agency. Are you looking for help in running branded events? Buying billboard placements? Creating your website? Everything? Someone to tell you what you need to be doing? Make sure you know what you are looking for so that you can choose the partner that can serve your needs best.

Quick tip: Ask for examples and testimonials to see what they have done with other clients to get a sense of ability and scope.

2. How do you measure success?

“Marketing is hard to track.” It is a fallacy that every marketer knows is completely untrue, but an idea that still seems to be prolific in the business world. Let’s clear this up once and for all: you absolutely can track the success of your marketing. What’s more, you should expect any agency you work with to be able to show you what they can track on your campaigns. For whatever marketing solutions an agency suggests that you use, make sure you ask what data they can give you about the performance.

1. How can you help us grow?

It’s the big question, right? You want to invest in marketing because you want to grow awareness, sales or whatever your business objectives are. If you ask anything, make sure you ask this question. Different agencies will have different answers, but this question will help you figure out whether their measures of growth align with what you want.

This blog isn’t a sales pitch; we truly believe that every business has individual needs and will find the right partner if they ask the right questions. But if you want to learn more about MassLive Media’s digital marketing solutions and abilities, contact our team today to chat (and ask us some *really good* questions).