The Real Estate Market has seen tremendous downturn since the start of COVID-19. However, with many states beginning to reopen their doors, this is the perfect opportunity for Real Estate companies to begin opening the doors of their client’s homes. More and more people who have put their home search on hold, now are beginning to search again. So how can you make sure that the homes your business is selling remains at the forefront of the house hunt? This blog will give you some ways to go about doing this.

Use Professional Photography and Video Tours

The biggest thing a home buyer wants when looking at a home is photos of the house itself. Professionally shot photos can do wonders for Real Estate companies looking to make an impact. Rather than seeing some amateur photos of the outside of the home or a couple rooms, a professional can ensure that what is being shot is worth looking at, and will have a real connection with potential buyers. On top of that, taking advantage of virtual tours can also be extremely helpful. It allows for the buyer to be able to “walk” around the house without actually being there. This in turn makes it so that potential homeowners feel connected to the spaces they look at, without ever even having to visit.

Ensure your Website is Mobile Friendly

Its just a fact. Many web users and potential homeowners use mobile apps and browsers to look at homes. This means that if your website is not Mobile Friendly, then that needs to change. A mobile friendly website shows mobile consumers that you care about them. It also makes it easier to browse on, and more intuitive for those people to go through. If it’s not, then you could be losing a significant amount of potential buyers before those people even step through the doors of the house.

Create Newsletters and Email Campaigns

Email marketing has been proven to create lasting relationships with consumers. This doesn’t change when your product is a home. By collecting emails from potential buyers, you can then keep them in the loop when a home pops up in the area they were looking, when open houses will be taking place, and many more. This develops a personal relationship with the buyer, and when they’re looking for a house, they’re just as likely to think of your business when they want to go looking.

Take advantage of Google My Business

Google My Business is an interesting platform, and one many may not know about. but when consumers are searching for “real estate near me”, and your Google page shows up, its imperative that the page that shows up is complete, formulated, and easy to read. And on top of that, an effective Google My Business page will make it easy for consumers to find your page whether they’re doing a normal Google search, looking on Google maps and more.

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