Social Media Is A Language. Get it Right!

Every social media channel is different, with a different culture and language. Furthermore, how consumers interact with brands varies by channel. Because you want your business to succeed socially, you’ll want to get it right.

The 3 Most Important Things

to Know About Social Media

From Facebooks 2.2 billion (yep—that’s billion with a “B”) active users, and 72% boast a household income of $75,000. Additionally, Facebook is a noisy advertising environment that requires a pay-to-play mentality.

Interestingly, six of ten adults have an active Instagram account, and while owned by Facebook, Instagram hasn’t fallen victim to the brand confusion that can occur with acquisition.

500 million tweets get sent daily on Twitter. Furthermore, with one of the worst visual environments and limited characters to tell your story, this channel prefers the quick witted and authentic brands. Moreover, Linkedin, Pinterest and Snapchat also have unique environments deserving of study.

Understand the social media language they use.

Need the guide to audience size and demographics for each of these platforms? Look no further.


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