Targeted Email Campaigns – Connecting with Customers Across Multiple Channels.

With 92% of adult Internet users using email, email marketing is an important part of a complete digital marketing strategy.

MassLive Media uses a multi-platform solution that leverages observed, verified and or predictive consumer data to reach targetable audience inboxes and re-target Display Ads across devices and on Facebook.

What this means is that you will be able to reach your targets email and display messages via their email boxes, across devices and on Facebook through a variety of networks. We then retarget ‘hand-raisers’ ( standard display for desktop & in-app mobile, rich media ads and Facebook ) increasing conversions by keeping your brand front and center. When a potential customer sees your retargeted ad, your brand gains traction and benefits from increased recognition. The lift from high-click through rates and the rise in conversions that follow retargeting campaigns underscore the value of branding and repeated exposure.

  • Hyper-Targeted Audiences
  • Third Party Opt-In, Clean Email Lists
  • Consumer & Business Targets
  • Local, County, State, USA
  • Email plus Re-Targeted Display across platforms including Facebook.
  • Data Technology Partner specializing in deliverability across devices.
  • Partner / Vendor Reporting Real Deals, Real Simple.

You can reach a broad audience using an email blast to deliver a custom message or offer. Let our team execute your next email campaign targeting your subscriber list or ours!

  • 120,858 Opt-in High Quality Local Subscribers1 agreed to emails from you featuring your valued customer’s special offers and discounts.
  • First Party Opt-In from
  • Locally branded, local credibility and longevity leading to strong engagement rates.
  • Subscriber base with geo- specific identification.
  • Email only targeting capability
  • Owned & Operated Reporting

All subscribers are Opt-in, 1st party users and they have asked for the email because they trust to deliver safe, credible offers from reputable businesses. In effect your brand has a “Good Housekeeping” Seal of Approval, it’s the “halo effect”. The association of  your brand with other trusted local offers acts like a “referral from a friend”. Your brand is a member of the community, therefore, they expect that your email will reflect those standards and uphold them.

1 WhatCounts, March 2015

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