Video has moved beyond TV.

Today video is being consumed across multiple devices and is a powerful way to engage consumers and stimulate social sharing. As digital video usage continues to grow, people are becoming more receptive to advertising messages presented in and around digital video ads. Video gives you a way to tell your story and our team of experts can help you create your own engaging and dynamic video content.

MassLive Media can have your video served with all of the advanced audience targeting capabilities that we deliver on other display units, such as:

  • Streaming Video
  • Pre-Roll
  • Post-Roll
  • Embedded Video
  • Video Impressions
  • Share of Voice
  • Downloads

Feature your videos in banners and before or after editorial content, like sports, breaking news and featured stories. For extra reach, your ad can appear on more than 1,500 brand sites in our extended video network.

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