Be Social.

You might not check social media every day, but your customers sure do – and they may be talking about you. The estimated number of active social media users is 2.03 Billion with global penetration of 28%. Social Networking accounts for 28% of all Media Time Spent online. There are over 1.32 billion active Facebook users, over 271 million active users on Twitter, 343 million active Google+ users, 300 million active LinkedIn users, and more than 230 million people active on Tumblr, according to Social Media Today.

Conversations about businesses, products, and services are happening on social media. MassLive Media can help you join those conversations by making social media part of your marketing strategy. We can build a custom campaign to target your desired audience.

  • Social Media Optimization – Create a customized social media profile and an ongoing social media presence to help you increase and engage your followers.
  • Reputation Monitoring – When 88% of consumers read online reviews to determine the quality of a business1, you need to know what is being said about your brand. We offer online reputation monitoring of more than 8,000 sources.
  • Facebook Display Ads – We can target users who fit your customer profile with relevant and useful ad messages while they’re on Facebook.
  • Social Streaming Ads – Combine the engagement of social media with the targeting power of display.

1 “Local Consumer Review Survey 2014”, Panel survey conducted by BrightLocal, results posted July 1, 2014

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