Few strategies will achieve brand awareness and engagement like contest marketing.

What exactly is contest marketing, you ask? It is just like it sounds. It is a promotional tool marketers use to gather information and create engagement with customers. In the digital age, contests no longer have to involve a pop-up tent and someone to man the booth. They can be a simple poll on your social channels to increase engagement, or a full-scale form-fill that enters consumers into a sweepstakes to gain market information.

Whatever size and scope you choose, here are the the top five ways that contests can benefit your marketing efforts.

Social Engagement

Firstly, contests inherently involve some type engagement in order for consumers to take part in them. This makes them a perfect form on content for a social media strategy. By hosting an exciting poll or sweepstakes entry on social media channels, you will likely see an increase in engagement and their follower count. Nothing engages consumers more than interactive content and the chance to win a prize!

Marketing Research

Additionally, contest are a great resource for gaining consumer data. This market data could include things such as an email, the answer to a consumer preference question, or demographics. The value of contest marketing comes from your ability to ask for information that you strategically need for your business. Customers that are willing to provide an email and answer a question are those that are most likely to further interact with your brand.

They Are as Easy as You Make Them

You can make it very easy for the consumer to engage with a low barrier to entry contest. Start with a simple email entry as a good way to start out and test the waters. These contests are easy to implement, and you can disperse them frequently amongst your other marketing activities.

Customizable to Your Brand

Lastly, contests can be crafted to fit your brand characteristics. Are you a furniture store? Ask consumers to pick their favorite couch and enter their email to be entered into a sweepstakes to win a living room set. This gives you emails for your marketing efforts, rick consumer data on what couches are popular, and increase brand loyalty to those that have fun filling out (and winning) the contest.

Looking for the best type of contest to to create an engagement lift with your brand? Ask one of our marketing experts today, and start using contest marketing as part of your strategy.