There are things we plan for in business, and then there are things that no one can predict. The impact of the Coronavirus is likely an unprecedented experience for many people and businesses right now. People are working from home, public spaces are closed, and if homes aren’t going into quarantine, they are at the least hopefully social distancing.

This all leaves a large amount of uncertainty for businesses who don’t know how to reach their customers anymore. Here are our top four tips for reengaging with your customers amongst the uncertainty of the Coronavirus.

1. Focus on the Relationship Above all Else

Check in with people. Let them know both what you are doing as a business to address Coronavirus concerns, but also let them know that you are here to address any questions that they have. Remember, they are all just as confused about this new social distancing situation as you are, and your customers won’t know how to interact with your brand unless you tell them what you are doing. Emails, digital display campaigns, social media content and blog posts are good ways to get your communications out and drive people to messaging on your website.

2. What Can You Do for Your Current Customers?

Identify the ways that you can help your current customers with add-ons or introducing them to complementary services or products that you offer. This will help you by facilitating repeat purchases and cross-selling. But remember, this isn’t about making as much of a sale as you can, it is about genuinely finding something that you can offer that is of value to your customers. Emails are a key way to reach your customers cheaply with this communication.

3. Don’t Stop Prospecting

Don’t give up on your prospects. Right now is likely not the time for a hard sales pitch, but it is the time for thoughtful communication around what you can offer. People still want to hear from you, but now more than ever they will want to hear about the value you provide and how you can help them. Really home in on your value proposition and communicate it clearly. This will help you differentiation yourself from your competition right now, and it will increase your brand trust in the eyes of people who may not be able to spend with you now, but will in the future.

4. Look at Your Big Picture Marketing Plan

Take the time that you might have to look at your marketing plan as a whole. Do the marketing channels you are using still make sense? Is your marketing message up-to-date and consistence across all of your communications? The current climate of financial and social insecurity might be a good time for you to make sure that what marketing you are investing in is achieving what it is meant to. The more strategic you are with your marketing strategy, the more that your customers will see it and engage with it.

These are uncertain times with many questions, but MassLive Media is here to help you navigate this unique situation. Reach out when you are ready.