Last month we talked about how display advertising is a powerful multi-channel marketing strategy that can reach your audience at all parts of their consumer journey. Now what? It is easy to acknowledge the benefits of a marketing solution, but lets take a look at how easy it can be to implement a display ads campaign, and reap the rewards this solution has to offer.

It is first important to choose an advertising partner that runs on the Google Display Network that reaches 90% of internet users worldwide. For an even more effective campaign, look for digital agencies that are Premium Partners, as these are digital experts with a locally build audience that is more likely to engage with ads run on those sites. After you have chosen a digital partner, take these five steps to create a successful display advertising campaign:

Step 1: Create the Ads

Decide what you want your campaign to look like, and make sure to choose engaging photo assets. Copy on your ads should take up no more than 20% of the space; so make sure that you put only the most important points. There are multiple sized ads in a campaign, and can be strengthened with audio and video to make them rich media ads.

Step 2: Determine Your Target

Unlike other forms of marketing where you simply put your message out and hope that the right people see it, display advertising allows you to target your specific audience by using parameters. That targeting can be both geographic (counties and zip codes) and demographic (behaviors and descriptors such as age).

Step 3: Launch your campaign

Remember, the larger the scale of your campaign the large the scale of awareness you get from it. As a multi-channel solution, your display ads will follow your target audience across all of the devices they use, making sure that they see your message and remember your brand.

Step 4: Analyze Your Data

You might have heard the saying “You aren’t doing what you aren’t measuring”. By using Google Display Advertising you can measure your ads’ results at any time. Every ad will have a click-through URL to the a landing page of your choice. This allows you can track metrics such as impressions, click-through rate, and conversions.

Step 5: Adjust

The power of display advertising comes from your ability to take the campaign data and make real-time adjustments. Do you think your ads are being served to people too far from our location? Tighten the geographic targeting parameters on the ads.

Cross-platform capabilities mean you can reach your audience on the go, on any screen. With dynamic ads and extended networks, you’ll make an impression wherever and however your audience is spending time online. Want to start creating a display advertising campaign? Contact a digital marketer at MassLive Media today.