It’s often a misconception that marketing strategies can be hard to track, but with digital marketing nothing could be farther from the truth. There are multiple ways to track your solutions, but when it comes to URL-based information, nothing can give you the data on where people who visit your page are coming from like UTM codes.

What Are UTM Codes?

UTM codes are pieces of text added to URLs that provide details about how people landed on a particular webpage. Say, for instance, that you set up a page on your website where people can RSVP for an event. UTM codes can tell you how many people landed on that page, where they came from, and how many people signed up while on that page.

How to Use Them

First of all, you need to decide what webpage you want to track. With that URL, you identify the ways in which people would get there. Are you posting on social? Do you have digital ads running? Are you linking to it in an email or e-newsletter? All of these different sources would have different UTM codes built into a URL. From there, you need to set up your campaign in a Google Analytics page.

What They Tell You

Once you have a campaign set up in Google Analytics, it is time to gain more insight into your web traffic. With UTM codes, you can see how many people visited that page in total, the break down of how many people came from each UTM code, and how many people filled out your RSVP form from each UTM code. With that information you determine what forms of communication are getting you the most conversions, and adjust your strategy.

The value of UTM codes may be obvious, but setting up the campaign and tracking that data can be challenging. Make sure to partner with someone knowledgable that can create the best campaign for your needs, track the data, and make real-time adjustments to optimize your marketing solutions. For help, contact an expert at MassLive Media today.