With the country slowly beginning to reopen their doors, across the nation consumers are going to be itching to get out of their houses and instead take a vacation. So how can you in the travel industry take advantage of this and make sure that you’re doing everything you can to pull in those pesky travelers?  This blog will go over some ways you can ensure you capture your potential consumers.


Have an Eco-Friendly Focus

Its no secret that consumers are becoming more and more enviro-conscious. And often times this means that the consumer wants to take their business to companies that share their feelings. By making sure that your business, whether its an airline, hotel, travel agency, etc., has some sort of environmentally friendly focus in your business that you can advertise about, you’ll be able to capture consumers that share those feelings.


Capture the local market

Now that the country has begun to open back up in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, many people are going to be taking vacations. Those people are going to be taking road trips and local vacations instead of traveling to exotic locations. It’s important to be able to get this audience when you can, but how do you do it? One good way is through geographically targeted ads. When someone is taking a road trip and they’re searching for places to go or things to do, you want your brand or business to be at the forefront of those consumers. What better way than to make sure that when they’re in your area, they see your business in their searches. You can also use geographically based advertising on various social media platforms, websites, and many other digital forms of media.  This makes sure that when a traveler is in your business area, they see your brand.


Use Omni-Chat and Chatbots to Stay Connected

It’s really easy when you travel somewhere to be anywhere but in the hotel they’re staying in. So, as a hotel owner, how do you stay connected with your residents? The answer could be by using omni-chat and chatbot functionality. You can connect through apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and use chatbots in order to make sure that the people staying with you in your hotel stay connected to the hotel. They can help with things like customer service, marketing some sort of experience the hotel offers, and many other things that can really help you. And by using chatbots, you can ensure that every guest, is tended to equally and fairly across all your platforms.

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