Communication is an integral part of maintaining customer relationships. Because of this, however, the competition to get a customer’s attention is stronger than ever. Don’t let your voice get lost in the wave of digital communication. Pay attention to whether you are providing active communication over passive communication in your channels and content. Here are the top three things to look out for:

Provide the Next Step

Passive communication can occur when you don’t clearly give the consumer the next steps to take. Don’t let just reading something be the intention of an ad or article.

Make sure you specifically include an action a viewer/reader can follow up with. This can include asking them to join the conversation, including a clickthrough link to your website, or prompting them to attending an event.

As a result, this use of active communication, often called a ‘call to action’ will increase engagement and help promote brand interaction. Without it communication can fall flat and not serve its intended purpose.

 Know what to Track

Once your communications have become actionable, they open the door for trackability and metrics that weren’t with passive communication.

Tracking metrics often include click through rates or how many people sign up if you include links in your communication. However, tracking metrics can also include conversation or comment increases on social media platforms if your communication gave people the call to action to join the conversation. Don’t put out content that gets lost in the noise. Create awareness in a way that gives you the ability to track conversions specifically from your communications.

Don’t just Say, Do

Outside of simply communicating things to consumers, creating an actionable brand means putting on creative events, facilitating conversations, and creating materials for consumers.  Twitter has become an especially relevant example of this. The most successful companies on this platform are the ones that facilitate conversations with their followers. Engagement with the brand conversation is an important action, and if used correctly can increase brand awareness. Therefore, it is not enough to simply say, you have to be active in creating tangible brand interactions that strengthen your customers’ loyalty and purchasing power with your customers.

Asses how you are communicating with your customers. Make sure you are creating a clear path for them to take in being active with your brand today. Need help creating active communication? Contact the team at MassLive Media for help with ad creation, help with creating marketing communication, website audits, and more.