Consumers increasingly prefer and expect that brands and businesses will make explainers and details on features available to them in video form rather than text-based articles, websites, or posts. Video is simply a “must have” in 2022, not a “nice to have”.

Video production does not need big budgets or months to produce. It does need well thought out strategy on the content, usage, and how it will be encountered and watched. These steps must be taken before the beginning of production.

What Content Will You Make

The first step is defining the video you are creating. This involves choosing the type of content you want and the message that you want to send. This is because different messages are good for different types of videos. For example, social media advertisements, tutorials and trainings, educational videos, and many more all require different types of content.

Another aspect that will affect the type of video is the decision on where the video will live. It could be posted on YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Facebook, or any other sort of social media, embedded in your website or broadcasted on television or live stream. Different platforms require different strategies, but when known before production starts a good video shoot can be done with a plan to edit for various platforms.

Where Will Your Video Live

Deciding where the video will live changes the length, script, and tone of the video as each platform has its own unique style. For example, YouTube videos tend to be a few minutes long at least, while on Instagram or TikTok videos are 1 minute or less. Another deciding factor is voice. For example, TikTok usually has more humor than Instagram, which has more humor than YouTube and so forth.

The type of video you are producing also affects where the video will live. If you are posting a tutorial or training video YouTube is your friend. Short form humorous content? That belongs on TikTok. Product showcases are often great for an Instagram account. Video ads are great for Facebook and YouTube pre-roll solutions. There are numerous possibilities for your video.

These tips can be very helpful in strengthening the video’s success. If the video is in line with the voice and the platform and it directly addresses the target audience, the video is more likely to grab the attention of viewers. Video structure allows for a greater understanding of what the main goal is.

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