You put a lot of work into making sure that your business is running properly. But do you put that much effort into making sure your website is set up just as properly? You should. It could fundamentally change how successful your business is. That’s because every customer goes through the customer journey while making a purchase. Your website needs to provide enough valuable content to successfully navigate those customers through that journey.

In order to do that you need to have a clear understanding on how successful your website is in keeping your customers engaged until the purchase point. Let’s take a look at the three questions you should be able to answer about your audience and how they interact with your site.

Watching Your Website Entrance Points 

The Question: What keywords and pages are bringing people into your website?

What it Tells You: Knowing what pages people land on when getting to your website tells you what people are searching for when looking for a business like yours. The more pages you can make that rank in Google searches, the better.

Are Your Customers Converting?

The Question: Are people that spend time on your website converting (making a purchase, booking a table, making a reservation, etc.)?

What it Tells You: If they aren’t, you might not have a clear enough call to action or be selling them hard enough on your value. If people are getting lost in your site, they won’t become a customer. Which brings us to our next, and potentially most important, question.

Knowing Where Your Customer Leave

The Question: What pages are people exiting your website from?

What it Tells You: If people exit your page after filling out your contact us form, then you know your website has at least one successful path to conversion. But if people are exiting your website after landing on your homepage, for example, then you know that they aren’t finding the information that they need. Identify the pages that you are losing people on, and figure out how you can simplify the page and your audience’s path to a conversion.

If you couldn’t answer any of these questions about your website, first make sure that you have Google Analytics set up so that you are getting real insights and tracking on your website. Don’t miss out on insights that will help you build a stronger business.

Need help answering these questions or setting up and maintaining a proper site or Google Analytics? Contact one of our experts today.