Google Analytics is one of the most important tools a marketer has to use. It allows you to run and manage your website and search presence with data and insights, which allows you to make smarter marketing decisions. And with Google’s new rollout of its new version of Google Analytics 4, you’ll be able to do this better than ever.

Google Analytics’ Update

Google is launching a new version of Analytics called Google Analytics 4. The platform’s new features include;

  • Better privacy controls
  • Robust machine learning to account for future cookie/data shrinkage
  • Automatic insights from artificial intelligence to make your website optimization more approachable
  • New report layout based on the customer lifecycle 

All of these updates are meant to make your marketing decisions more data driven, and the platform easier to use. To see Google’s full announcement, go here.

Don’t Have GA? Its Easy to Set Up

Google Analytics isn’t hard to set up. If you need help, see our walk through of the platform here. Once you are up and running, there are a four key areas reports that you can run on your website. These are:

  • Audience
  • Acquisition
  • Behavior
  • Conversions

Click here to read more in depth about each of these reports, and what information about your audience and your website that you can pull are.

Google Analytics has much more to offer than covered here. Contact a digital consultant today to gain new insight in your website and digital marketing effectiveness.