Marketing has one goal: to grow business and brand awareness. Increasing awareness is how businesses grow. However, small business owners work more closely with the numerous responsibilities that large companies are able to delegate to different employees and teams. Because of this lack of time and resources for small business owners, marketing is often the business aspect that gets pushed to the side. Digital marketing in particular is often considered too costly and time consuming to pursue.

Digital marketing, however, is where your time and dollars can make the biggest impact for your company. Companies don’t need to spend the big bucks to reach their consumer targets. Here are a few key ways to start implementing digital marketing into your small business growth strategy today.

 Pay Attention to Your Websites and Mobile Apps

Websites and mobile apps are the digital representation of your store. For any size company, a mobile optimized website is a necessity. Creating a responsive mobile design will ensure that you aren’t missing a large portion of your potential customer base.

Websites take a lot of resources and time to maintain. They are, however, a large part of how both small and large businesses reach consumers and spread awareness of their brand. Not putting enough effort into a professional and updated website will decrease the amount of through-traffic and sales conversions you make. If you can, build maintaining and updating your website into your weekly or monthly schedule. Otherwise, reach out to a digital expert who can help you with your web design and maintenance.

Latitude/Longitude Targeting

As a small business, you are likely to cater to a local and specific consumer population. Because of this, latitude/longitude targeting is a powerful way to reach exactly the customers you need. This service is where ads are delivered to people directly based on their location. Ads that don’t target the right consumers will only eat up a portion of a much bigger company’s budget, but they can be corrosive to the minimal budget that small business owners work with. Have consumers see your ads when they are in a location that best benefits you. This way, you utilize your digital marketing dollars in the most efficient way possible.

Utilize the Data

Only spend your marketing budget on the people who want what you have. Launching an ad campaign without any specifications will just create an expensive campaign that is less likely to convert viewers into purchasers. The trick to utilizing data is partnering with the right agency that can provide the consumer data you need. The term ‘Big Data’ may make you think that digital marketing is out of your capacity right now, but small business budgets can create reach and attention for your company with digital marketing. With big data, however, you aren’t focusing in on consumer’s locations but instead their habits and demographics.

As a small business owner, you have a tremendous opportunity to grow your business with digital marketing, but you also have a lot on your plate already. Contact MassLive Media today to see how a digital media expert can help you develop the right digital plan to grow your small business.