Spend some time in our office and you will hear a lot of marketing jargon, but one question that flies around a lot is Has the client updated their display ads? And there is a good reason for that. Display ads are often one of the first impressions that viewers have about your brand or about a particular campaign. Would you want people to see stale and out of date promotions of your company? We thought not.

Here are our top four tips on how you can improve your marketing’s effectiveness by updating the creative design of your display ads.

Note: We will be talking specifically about updating display ads in this segment, but note that these tips can relate to updating any type of marketing and advertising deliverable.

 Tip One: No One Wants to See the Same Thing

Have you ever seen a commercial while watching TV that you’re sure has been playing for the past five years? Spending your marketing budget on television ads is an entirely different conversation, but let’s focus on the fact that you’re pretty sure the five-year-old promoting this used car lot is at least in high school by now. It doesn’t instill a lot of confidence that a business is up-to-date and modern when their advertising isn’t, does it? Update the creative look and messaging around your advertising regularly. Right now is a perfect time to take stock and reassess.

Tip Two: Focus. Focus. And you guessed it, Focus.

Define your target market even more than last year. Marketing should be a constant process of reassessing the needs and characteristics of your target market, no matter how many years you have been doing it. And with those shifting needs and focus on who you want to attract as a customer, the design and messaging of your display ads needs to be laser focused and communicate value to your future customer.

Tip Three: Take a Minimalist Approach

At MassLive Media we see a LOT of ads. Our one biggest piece of feedback? Don’t put so many words on your ads this year. Ads are meant to get the viewer to be aware of your name and brand personality, first and foremost. Far too often we see clients trying to fit their entire marketing message onto one small ad in hopes of pitching them a marketing proposal in three seconds.

Focus on promoting your logo, a short tagline that communicates your value, a strategic call to action, and an image or creative look that ties the message together. Keep it simple, valuable and eye-catching this year.

Tip Four: A/B Test

Creating a design and launching your ad campaign is not the final step of updating your display ads. Tracking the success of your ads is a crucial step, and one that we feel many businesses don’t follow through on. A/B testing is the unsung hero of the track-ability and flexibility of digital marketing.

a/b split testing concept between 2 pages of website design comparison

There are a lot of directions that your ad campaign could go in, but there is likely a specific direction that will resonate most with your audience. Create two ad designs that you think will show value to your audience, and run them both with the same audience targeting and budget. The differences could range from testing color variations, word choice or call to action differences. Once you have the performance data, keep running the version that got more interactions!

Running an ad campaign, or any marketing for that matter, doesn’t have to be hard when you are intentional and strategic about it. Updating your creative direction and focus can make a world of a difference when it comes to the engagement and effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

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