Time to Say Goodbye to TV Marketing

Broadcast TV has been around a long time, but people’s viewing habits have changed and will continue to do so.

Three reasons why television is an outdated solution:

  • When was the last time you watched a show in real time, where the commercial was forced on you? The Superbowl. That was months ago.
  • DVR. Video on Demand. And all the other ways you watch it later, fast forwarding through the commercials.
  • Targeting on TV isn’t real. They’ll tell you who the show or channel appeals to, and that’s it. Therefore, you’ll have no idea what people you are actually reaching and who your budget is going to.

The takeaway – stop using media you can’t track.

Reconsider your broadcast budget. Your business deserves better than TV.

We like stories told in motion, too. We are huge proponents of it. But your video doesn’t need to be :30 or :60 long. Moreover, the length should be dictated by the story itself. The video is prescriptive, telling the story of the problem to be solved, and then told in fragments overs dozens of other locations.

In television, you have to trust those viewers are the right ones. Contrarily, in YouTube, in-app viewing, pre-roll, in-story, you know that the video is viewed by the right people at the right time for them. What’s more, you’ll have the reporting to prove just how much impact you made: how many viewed it, how many skipped it, average view time and number of shares.


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