According to Global Web Index, Social Media has an important role to play in the purchase journey of youthful consumers.

Greater than Half of digital consumers follow brands in social

Social Media is the top product research channel among 16-24 year olds

Unfortunately, only 13% say a BUY button encourages that behavior



If you have an audience of young or youthful consumers for your brand, there’s a disconnect between the research phase and the purchase phase. More opportunities to buy from paid social ads, paired with review and click-to-buy content will make an impact on sales. Furthermore, with more than half of consumers in this category purchasing products within the last month, it is important to understand the segment and advertise accordingly. And with half of this segment using social networks for product research, having the proper answers to their questions is vital. Take a look at the bar graph below to see how youthful consumers feel about “buy” button and seeing endorsed products on social media.


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