Utilizing video advertising on YouTube is a must for companies looking to create video impressions. YouTube has a global reach of over a billion users, and according to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, those users are watching more than 1 billion hours of content a day.

Optimize the Six Second Ad  

A good option for delivering a quick message to a video viewer is to use the bumper ad. Bumper ads are 6 second, non-skippable video ads that play before a YouTube video. In a test that compared over 300 bumper ad campaigns to 30 second ad campaigns, Google found that

  • 9 out of 10 generate a 30% higher recall
  • 7 out of 10 create a significant increase in brand awareness
  • The ads have an average increase of 9% in brand awareness

This form of video ads extends your ad campaign’s incremental reach, and can be more cost effective than 30 second video ads.

Bumper Ads are Just the Start

Starting your campaign with a bumper ad, rather than a 30 second ad, generates early buzz. It allows you to quickly introduce your brand to the consumer, engaging the viewer while building brand trust and awareness. After the foundation of brand awareness has been created by the bumper campaign, launching a 30 second ad will give viewers a chance to dig deeper into featured products, messages, or services.

Engage the Viewer  

You only have 6 seconds to engage with your viewer, so use your time wisely. Don’t try to fit in too many details; hammer home a simple, actionable message. Ask yourself what the main components of your service/product/brand are.  Only tell the viewer what they need and want to know. Many successful bumper ad campaigns have been made of a series of vignettes, with a common element stringing them together. Additionally, voiceovers, music, and emotion are useful tools to combine to make your message clear and engaging.

End the ad with a strong call to action, such as “Call Now” or “Visit Your Nearest Store”. While a 6 second time constraint seems daunting, it offers a simplicity and energy that is more likely to engage the viewer and encourage a click or view through.

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