Video is a highly engaging and effective marketing tool. It is expected that people will view more online video than ever before in 2021, with consumers watching an average of 100 minutes of online video a day.

With increased eyes on online video, it has quickly become a key solution in digital marketing. Yet we can’t ignore that it is often a costly marketing solution.

Not every business has the resources to produce high quality video. But a budget does not mean that you can’t find video  solutions that work for you. Montage video is a high quality, cost effective form of video content that is good for businesses who want to start a video strategy, or need to expand their video library on a budget.

What is a Montage Video?

Traditional video is filmed content, but montage video uses images, pre-existing footage or stock footage to tell a story. It is often 15, 30 or 60 seconds long. A voice over tells the story, sells the product or informs the viewer on your intended topic.

What to Use Your Videos For

Getting your video made is the first step, and one that we can help you with- but what do you do with the asset once you have it? Here are a few of the marketing solution options you have:

  • Social Media: Video can be used in both organic (non-paid) and paid social media posts. Tweets with a video, for example, tend to get 10x more engagement than those without.
  • In-story video: Video that is distributed in-stream with content on a site, such as
  • YouTube TrueView Ads: TrueView ads are a YouTube video ad format that plays the ad before or during YouTube content and allows the user to view the ad or skip it after 5 seconds.

Want to see if montage video is a marketing solution for your brand? See our website for more information about video distribution tactics, and contact one of our digital media experts day to see how digital video can elevate your advertising strategy.