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With the seemingly infinite amount of destinations around the globe, travel and tourism marketing can be extremely competitive and complex. Long before tourists book a trip, they float through the phases of dreaming about and planning their amazing vacation. Your destination needs to grab potential consumers while they are debating where to go. Our first-party data, extensive knowledge of the traveler’s decision-making process, and precise market analysis allow us to deliver proper messaging through platforms such as search marketing, display and content, and much more paired with local and influencer recommendations. Inspire those who are already inspired to travel to visit your destination by partnering with us for your tourism marketing needs.

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Your destination is something special. Let our marketing team help you build your story. Showcase what makes your destination different and inspire potential visitors to add you to their must-visit list.


Targeting the right people seeking travel inspiration or researching destinations is key. Our marketing team use a combination of 1st and 3rd party data (along with more advanced targeting techniques like geo-fencing and weather triggered technology) to reach your best potential customer.

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We grow businesses we partner with, and marketing isn’t the only way. Lead Generation is a specialty, using data you already have to create your next best customer. 

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plan to stay at a chain hotel

plan to take three or more trips this year

increase in International arrivals

of adults will travel by plane


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Case Studies

1000 Islands Seaway Regions

Goal: Promote the Fall visits to the 1000 Islands Seaway Region (1000 Islands, Osewgo, and St. Lawerence counties) 

Families, traveling seniors and outdoor enthusiasts are the primary travelers to 1000 Islands Seaway Region in the fall.  Focus messaging and media placements to reach these travelers locally and within a select drive radius to motivate this audience to visit.  Advance Media New York travel offered a matching grant program which doubled 1000 Islands Seaway Region budget for this campaign.

Display and Video ads were seen over 700,000 times by the custom audience of family, traveling senior and outdoor enthusiast travelers.  Thanks to the Matching Grant program, 1000 Island Seaway Region received +125% more impressions for their campaign.

Visit North Central Massachusetts

Goal: Promote the North Central Massachusetts region as a winter getaway and local craft beverage destination 

Young families, traveling retirees as well as outdoor enthusiasts are the target market for the region. Focus content strategy and messaging to reach New England residents within the drive market to plan a weekend or day trip to the region.  Content was distributed on 

The sponsored content was seen by over 400,000 potential travelers. The content generated 1,680 clicks with a click through rate (CTR) of 0.42%. The content helped begin to establish the region as a winter getaway and local craft beverage destination.

Corning & the Southern Finger Lakes Region

Goal: Brand Corning & the Southern Finger Lakes as a destination for outdoor fun and local craft beverages.

Craft and distribute content pieces that feature the best of the region – hunting, outdoors and craft beverage trail – to a custom traveler audience.  Content was distributed on and  The region also aligned with highly read Dave Figura outdoor content on as part of a sponsorship program.

The article was seen by over 250,000 potential travelers – promoting the story of Steuben County.  The Dave Figura outdoor content series aligned the tourism region with information widely viewed by outdoor and travel enthusiasts across the state.

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