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You need to make decisions based on data, not your gut. When used properly, your own customer relationship management (CRM) data is your most valuable asset. Google Analytics information can support that customer data with a deep understanding of where your sales come from and how to harness the power of your strongest converting customers.

With MassLive Media, you have these insights and more, provided in real-time dashboards and other means, with experts to help you understand what you see.


Marketing and advertising can’t be done successfully until you know exactly who you need to reach. Integrating true analytics will change the way you do business.


Use CRM to understand your best customers, their definable attributes, what they’re buying, and why. Then turn what we know of your best current customers into more customers with matching characteristics.


 Gain deeper insights into consumer perceptions of your business to identify evolving trends, gaps, and opportunities to improve overall perception, messaging, and positioning against competitors.


Consumer surveys and detailed qualitative research give you specific information regarding your market. This fuels the ability to make informed decisions and truly understand consumers.

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